Letter to the Argus

There was an article in Sunday Week-end Argus magazine (page 6) about Colin Law and the Jacques Brel show.

Copy of letter sent to the Argus.
Dear Sir,
Very sad to see the publicity your newspaper has afforded to Colin Law and his show Jacques Brel. Here is a man who, over the past 30 years or so, has ripped off entertainment industry people by non-payment for services rendered and in fact still has a valid high court order against him for monies owing to a well know PR for a show staged at the Baxter 14 years ago.(He still owes me and others money from the same shows. He is also banned from Artscape Theatre as he still owes them a great deal of money from years ago.

A Facebook group was started to see just how bad the problem was and in 4 days over 100 people joined the group and some horrifying stories were posted.

He was persona non grata  in Cape Town theatre for for many years but has now, somehow, managed to wangle his way back in via his company, Afro Asia Events, taking over the management of the New Space Theatre. (That is another story worth having a look at.)
Pat Bromilow-Downing.

(I started a website to carry on the expose of the Facebook group, called – Colin Law how much does he owe You? – which you can have a look at. https://patrickbd.wordpress.com/about )



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5 responses to “Letter to the Argus

  1. Ashleigh Harvey

    Fantastic! We’ll be writing too.

  2. The more people that write in to the Argus the stronger our hand is as they can’t just ignore the whole issue. I am hoping that they will put an investigative reporter on to the story.

  3. My wife and I have both written to the Argus about the indiscretions of Mr CLaw. We both recieved emails back from an investigative journalist at the Argus who is interested in our side of the story. I was amazed that the article cited Mr CLaw as being committed to the arts… You can stand in any room of artists at any gathering and hear how Mr CLaw is committed to non-payment. We have no union people – I cannot stress this enough – this is the new ‘union’. We talk about it here and we write letters as a group – we publicise it and all those who take advantage of the system ie that SA theatre franchise, get the publicity they deserve. It’s simple you do it the right way and you don’t get the attention from us.

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