A reply to Bridget.

This was sent in as a replay to the previous post “The other side of the (C)Law”

Dear Pat
Thank you for sharing this with me. I might add that I feel the same way about Bridget that she feels about you. Huge respect for her work, but we need to be candid right back.
Also …Bridget owes me money for when I did a small amount of work for her with David H.
First of all, only Colin’s few friends think it is juvenile, and that is probably because he introduced the word.
Secondly, she would not find it distasteful if she were owed the R40 000+ money. Or in my case, over R800 000.
Thirdly, yes it IS necessary to launch such an attack on Colin, as he does it deliberately and with intent.
Fourthly, I bet he owes more people than he has paid, over the years.
Fifthly, maybe those people who worked for him recently are slagging him off because he didn’t pay them??
Sixthly, this whole business does bring the industry into disrepute, and it is Colin Law who has made it happen. Not the poor honest people who deserve the money he promised them.
Finally, yes, there are three sides. The right side, the wrong side, and the Colin Law exploitative side. Bridget must look at things realistically and not be conned by Colin Law’s smooth tongue.
More anon,


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One response to “A reply to Bridget.

  1. About two years ago Colin Phoned my company requesting assistance on an MTN fun day, he called literally ten days before the event and expressly asked us to help out as he was inundated at the time and had committed to MtN. As we had worked for him before and always battled to get paid but finally did we acknowledged and proceeded to facilitate the function which was impeccably delivered. We received compliments from MTN and invoiced Mr Law approximately in excess over a R100 000 for the event. After numerous calls and after settling all the performers we simply could not get paid and proceeded with legal action which invariably cost an additional R30 000, but after a sherrifs liquidation sale Mr Law had nothing to his name and lives in a straw house. What amazes me is that he still continues to work and defy the odds, he acknowledged owing the money but never heard from him since. We were fortunate that we were in a position to settle the artists in full at the time and absorb the loss. His behavior is absolutely disgusting, especially within an industry which is so challenging for up and coming performers.

    Regards Craig

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