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Pro (C)law?

Look I don’t want to get involved in this, but I have to say something, yes claw has made his mistakes in the past. This blog has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for the past few weeks. As much as this man had made mistakes in his past, at least he tried, he gave it all. So basically it has created awareness.

@ Gillian –Have you contacted claw? Why don’t you try and make some kind of arrangement with him? Reading some of your letters shows me that once up on a time you guys must have been business partners, none of our business.  You don’t need to answer me, but TRY it, allot of producers have owed some of us money, and still do. Claw is not the only one.

@Pat – I take my hat off for you, creating awareness is great news! But I am trying to figure something out.  Do you want this man to stop producing? Cause reading everything, and all the comments, your blog is more to humiliate him than what it is to create awareness, and that is somehow a big concern to allot of people like myself, as he is a producer who allot of us have worked with in the past. Mostly allot of us have had good times, and some had bad times… And continue to work with him….

Reading the article in the Argus, I can’t help but wonder, here is a man, that has probably lost everything he has ever had and yet you slag him into the ground. For a second turn the table on yourself, ask yourself the question. What if you tried everything? Did you just give up?

I read what Bridget said, and somehow I would like to agree with her. Here is a man who has given it all, who has lost it all. I think reading of the space in ct closing makes me think that claw has finally given up his coat to producing. Mind you, I would probably do the same.

I respect claw for 30 years of work. I looked at the bigger picture, and I looked at the smaller picture, claw does not deserve this…  I stand for fellow actors and yes create awareness. But create them for everyone, as claw is not the only producer that I know that owes people money. Sadly they are everywhere.



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Another comment on the Argus article

By: Ashleigh Harvey.

Really good to see Mr CLaw being held accountable for his actions. I thought that the article was very fair and allowed him to respond to all the allegations.

I notice that he didn’t deny the fact that he owes people money. Which is interesting, considering that he told one particular agent that he “owes no one money.” What’s also interesting is that he owes a friend of mine R7000-00 for work she did for him in January. He also owes the other two performers, who worked with my friend on the same project, R7000-00 each.

Another interesting thing is that I, personally, have been singled out by Mr CLaw in his retaliation against this site. I’ve been told that I will never work for him and that I should be very careful about what I say on this site because he has lots of friends in high up places and I could be jeopardising my career. Has anyone else been singled out? And if not, I wonder at the power I hold on this forum.

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