Equity SA ??

A Facebook group has been created to try and assess how many people employed in the entertainment industry in South Africa would be interested in joining an Equity UK type union. We believe that we must create an all encompassing union – actors, dancers, musicians, technicians, designers, circus artists, stunt people …….etc – rather than a specific union for each category. The more people we can bring in under one umbrella the more powerful we will become and apart form contracts, working conditions and so on we would, if the numbers are large enough, be able to investigate things like medical plans and pension funds.
This is more a market research exercise than anything else with no operational specifics and details applied. It would be interesting to get suggestions from all as to how you see it could operate. The one thing for sure is that it would take payment of a monthly or annual subscription so we would have to be serious about forming such a union and making sure that the benefits are real. Again the higher the numbers the lower we could keep that subscription.

Some of you will know that there has been some success in recent months in exposing some of the malpractices that are rife in the entertainment industry. We need to stop and prevent these things happening in a more proactive way and having a strong union is the only way to go.

Please click on this link and consider joining.—–>>> Equity SA



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2 responses to “Equity SA ??

  1. Anthony Fridjhon

    Join SAGA. It’s up and running.

    • Hi Anthony – yes I know SAGA is up and running, in fact there is a link to them on the Links page, but I am a photographer and not an actor and even though I have joined them there is not really much point and the same applies to dancers, sound and light designers, all technicians, musicians etc and that is exactly my point if you read the post. An Equity type union would cover ALL in the entertainment Industry. To be honest I was also disappointed in them for not stepping in and lending some moral support to this site or Chris Luke’s battle with the Barnyard. Not a single word!!

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