Being Replaced

Post by : Anne-Marie Clulow

Here is the gist without names. I have been playing a gig replacing someone who was sick. The venue was so happy with me they approached me privately to take over. I refused, saying I would play until the other performer was well enough to play again. Naledi time came around, and I was invited to present. This is a huge, although unpaid event, and the exposure is great. I informed the venue and asked them to contact the agent to find an act for the date I couldn’t be there. With a full weeks notice. They found an act and the act played the gig. the following week I am told by the venue that the agent is pushing for the other act to go in for a contracted month, but they said they’ll choose who they want at their venue. Today, after trying to find out all week what’s happening this weekend, I am informed that the act that replaced me is in this weekend, and I am not needed. On all occasions when I have been personally approached, even without a contract from the agent I have paid commission and said I will still go through the agency. Lovely loyalty huh? She has now booked the other act in.

I am so sick of being screwed over by people. The agent still gets comm, the venue still has an act and I have no work now because everyone else was quite happy to do what suited them.

I guess i should have insisted on a contract, but the last one I got from the agent had a date on where the venue had a benefit concert so I lost out on the money. Wasn’t unhappy to give it to a good cause, but the contract I received was also still not worth the paper it was written on.

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