As many of you know a group was started on Face Book called CL –    How much does he owe YOU? The group was closed down after 4 days, but not before over 100 people had become members, and it was only shut down because it violated one of the FB rules for groups and was reported by (???)  Since then we have had many people contact us saying they were sad, upset etc. that the group was no more and can’t we do something about it? The creation of this site is our attempt to answer that question.

There is no way that we can get this site to work exactly the same as the FB group but we can still have a members page posts of stories comments and links to other groups that may be of benefit to all who visit the site.  We still feel that the main objective is to create awareness as to what CL and others have done, are doing and will continue to do if we do nothing about it.

The biggest difference is that you will not be able to  post you stories (factual please) directly to the site but will have to send them to us via e-mail and we will post on your behalf. You will, however, be able to make direct comments on all postings. At the bottom of each post you will find a comments button. Click on the button, fill in your name – does not have to be your full name ie. Chris B but would be nice if it is, and then fill in your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will not be seen by anybody  but myself. If you want to be listed on the Members page you will have to let us know via e-mail as well.

Hopefully if you all spread the word we can get all our old members back and, over time, many more.


Some are having problems on how to leave comments. I sent this to someone and it helped:

If you connect to the CLaw Project site you will see that there are posts (articles) on the home page. Http://patrickbd.wordpress.com They are also listed on the page at top right corner.

If you read  an article you will see at the bottom it says “comments”. Click on that and fill in your name and e-mail address and then write your comment.

When you have finished just tick the box (will let you know if anyone else makes a comment on that particular post) and click submit.

Hope that makes sense but when you have done it once you will see how easy it is.

By the way you can also fill in your Email address under e-mail subscriptions and you will be informed via Email every time a new article has been posted. Makes it really easy to follow the site.